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ARCHMEDIASTUDIOS™ is a multimedia company offering architects, designers, web developers and innovators the ability to provide photo-realistic renderings, animations, interactive presentations and graphical representations to clients. Our in-house architects and designers have the practical architectural education and experience, multimedia knowledge along with cutting edge technology has made the union of both fields to merge as ARCHMEDIASTUDIOS™.

Featured Project Featured Clients
Dar Al Bacha Palace of the Arts NYPD, Columbia University, Verizon, The Athlete's Foot, FedEx, Delta Airlines, poggen pohl, Southwest Airlines, Surf's Out

ARCHMEDIASTUDIOS™ was commissioned to virtually recreate an existing 32,000 sf palace in Marrakech, Morocco with its existing, ornate conditions, implementing the intended design theme and converting the palace into an art museum. Animations, renderings and an interactive, menu driven presentation were provided for the King to review and assess all intended design.